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There are some important points to bear in mind before your attend for your Module One and Module Two tests.

Direct Access Scheme and A2 Restricted

Module One tests are carried out on special off-road testing areas that have been purpose built for motorcycle testing. There are several sites around the country with the site in Basildon being the one most used by Probike. You can use the links on the left to find out more about what the Module One Test involves.

Module 2 tests take place on the public road and are again run from the Basildon DSA Test Centre. The Module 2 test involves a supervised ride with an examiner who will check to make sure that you pose no risk to yourself or other road users when riding a motorcycle. If you succeed at your Module 2 test there are no more tests to take and subject to any restrictions (such as age) you can now ride motorcycles on the road without learner plates.

Probike have very high pass rates at both Module 1 and Module 2 tests. We aim to train students beyond the competence required for the tests, this means an easier test for the student and a safer more responsible rider for the future.

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Test Resources
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