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Passing your tests is only the beginning of your learning, Probike can help you take your riding further

Advanced rider training and Back to Biking

Our advanced motorcycle tuition is just about the best training that you can get as a civilian! This is where your biking skills are honed and enhanced. We use our most advanced instructors on these courses and cover a wide range of advanced skills and riding tactics.

This course is for the rider that has had his/her bike for a while or a newly qualified rider who wants to progress quicker. It is conducted by our DAS instructors and our police and ex-police instructors and puts you beyond test standard, but ensures you still confirm to a safe system of riding. It will be an enjoyable day which will allow you to get more out of your riding.

Back to Biking

Our back to biking courses are aimed at those who have come back to riding a motorcycle after a break. Designed to refresh your skills and introduce you to new legislation and road skills the course will ease you back into the saddle. Like our advanced course these are led by our experienced and knowledgeable instructors.

Instructor Training

Probike training sites - Head office, Billericay, Chigwell and Colchester.