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Confused about the new categories? You’re not the only one! Drop us a line if you need any help or advice. Probike are experts in getting you through your test no matter what licence you wish to hold. Please note that motorcycle tests comprise of two parts, module one and module two, as well as a CBT and theory test.

Licence Categories

Moped Licence (AM) - 16 years old

For many of our younger riders starting out on a 50cc scooter we recommend that they take an additional days training with us to sharpen their road sense and riding skills. We have found that a day spent with us can give the equivalent experience of three months solo riding. We can prepare all of our scooter riders for the DSA scooter/moped test but have found that once a rider reaches 17 there is less need for this type of test as many riders will look to gaining their restricted motorcycle licence.

Light Motorcycle (A1) - 17 years old

17 year olds can take a test to ride a 125cc (11kw) motorcycle. There is no automatic move to a higher category after a period of time and further tests will need to be taken

Medium Motorcycle (A2) - 19 years old

If you are 19 then you can take a test to ride a motorcycle of up to 35 kw in power. There again is no automatic move to a higher category after a period of time.

Large Motorcycle (A) - 21 - 23 years old

If you are between 21, 22 or 23 you can and have held a full A2 licence for two years you can take a test to gain a full, unrestricted, category A licence. Otherwise you must take a A2 test and wait either two years or until you are 24.

Large Motorcycle (A) - 24 years old

If you are over 24 you can gain a full, unrestricted, licence and ride any size motorcycle. Depending on whether you hold a lower category will depend on the tests that you need to take.

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