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We believe that the most important factor when choosing a company to train with should be who the instructors are, their qualifications and their experience.

Over the past 10 years Probike have put together an exceptional team to teach the Probike Motorcycle Instructors courses. Probike Training are the only instructor training school in the country to have a course specifically designed by an ex-Cardington DSA Examiner and experienced Police motorcyclists.

This course, and our knowledge and experience, can only be found here. We are now imitated by others who say they have the same course structure and learning materials. This is not the case. We have never sanctioned our course and training material for use by other "instructor trainers". They are probably successful students of Probike Training using the material from their own courses. They however do not have the course designers experience and in depth knowledge when actually teaching on their courses.....but of course we do!

We`re extremely flattered by this but please do not be fooled into paying for second hand information. Come to Probike Training and let the true professionals in instructor training lead you through your Cardington Assessment and show the way to becoming a fully qualified motorcycle instructor.

All our instructors have now all taken several courses and are regularly assessed by Roy for to ensure that our high standards are being continually being met. Student feedback is fed back into the course delivery and to ensure that our students needs are being met. No other company put so much time and effort into their course and deliver it with the professional standards of Probike Training.

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“If you want to be a success and pass at Cardington, then come to the company that I saw stand tall in the crowd of others and who proved themselves to be in a different class with a pass rate that eclipsed all other companies that sent candidates to Cardington." Ex-DSA Examiner

“Training with Probike ensures that you will be ready when the time comes to go to Cardington to
take your examination. Don’t fail
with some one else first!”