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Probike offer unparalleled training to help you pass both your Module One and Module Two tests.

Direct Access Scheme

To gain a full motorcycle licence you must pass both an off road manoeuvring test (the so called Module 1) as well as an assessed road ride with a DSA assessor. Probike are leaders in training you beyond the standard required for the test to ensure that your future motorcycling is safe and enjoyable..

For most of our motorcycle courses the actual instruction is them same, the only difference is the motorcycles that are used. We have a fully insured and reliable fleet of motorcycles suitable for all types on tests.

We offer 3, 4 or 5 day courses as well as supplementary days training should you require some extra practice. The ratio of students to instructor will never be more than 2 to 1 on a DAS course and we endeavour at all times to keep this ratio on smaller machines as well. You will not see 4 trainees out all day for sometimes 2 or 3 days at Probike like some other schools.

All of this type of instruction is carried out by our top instructors that are either ex-police motorcyclists, trained by them or serving officers. You can be assured of top training going beyond what you would need for a test and beyond what some other training bodies could offer you!

Preparing for your tests

Probike CBT Training sites - Billericay, Chigwell and Colchester.

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