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Compulsory basic training is exactly that, a course that you must take if you wish to ride on the road that will teach you the basic skills to keep you safe.

Compulsory Basic Training

Compulsory Basic Training is needed to legally allow you to ride on a road as a learner. It is a course and not a test and will usually take a day to complete. It can be conducted on your own bike or one of our learner legal bikes. After some verbal briefings and off road training, you will then have a minimum of 2 hours of on the road training with one of our instructors. At the end you will be issued with your DL196 -your certificate that validates your provisional licence entitlement. Everyone has to do a CBT who wants to ride a motorcycle so this is for the complete novice who has never even sat on a bike.

Moped courses

We are specialists in training our younger students and we have 8 spaces per weekend available. We conduct a full CBT and by all means we do not just hand out these certificates. The candidate must have a good knowledge of the highway code and complete the course to the satisfaction of one of our instructors. We take this training seriously, the course is conducted by our most qualified instructors because for the majority of our students this will be the first introduction to the responsibilities of being on the road.

Direct Access Scheme

You do not need to complete CBT if you hold a car licence that was issued before 1 January 1999 and only intend to ride a moped. However it is strongly recommended.

Probike CBT Training sites - Billericay, Chigwell and Colchester.

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